Can I afford to get divorced?

Divorce Consultants

Are you in an unhappy relationship and concerned whether you can afford to get divorced? This is a very pertinent question to ask. Going to a Divorce Specialist, specialising in finance, before you even consider seeing a solicitor, is a good starting point.

To start with, the cost of seeing a Divorce Consultant is considerably less than a solicitor, often only a third the hourly rate a family law solicitor will charge. A meeting with a Divorce Consultant involves the completion of a fact-find, listing the combined assets; property, savings, investments, and pensions, together with an understanding of what their spouse is likely to have. Details of debts, like mortgages, loans, credit, and store cards are also listed.

With this information, the Divorce Consultant is then able to facilitate a meaningful discussion with you and undertake a financial reality check so you can see what financial life after divorce could look like.

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