Navigating your way through a Divorce is like driving a car.

Divorce Consultants

Divorce is a long journey to a destination you haven’t been to before so you will almost certainly be stressed and anxious before you set off.

• You may decide after packing your bags that you don’t actually want to go on this journey and empty your bags and put everything back as it was.
• Having set off, after a few miles you might decide to turn back home.
• You’re quite a few miles into your journey and you decide to pause, pull into a service station, and reflect over a cup of coffee.
• Another car switches lanes and cuts across you. You shout and swear at the driver who obviously can’t hear you and you fall into an incontrollable rage which you can’t stop.
• You’ve almost reached your destination but decide to stop overnight at a B&B on the way as you’re having second thoughts about whether you want to complete your journey.

Divorce is a complex, emotional, and mentally exhausting thing to navigate and it’s unlikely will you complete the journey from A to B without distractions, wobbles, and unexpected twists and turns along the way.

A Divorce Consultant understands that and will work with you at your speed taking breaks if you wish to stop, pause, and reflect along the way.

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