Support within the Finance Team at Compass Resolutions

Divorce Consultants

I am pleased to announce that DK Divorce Consultants is providing support within the Finance Team at Compass Resolution. Compass Resolution was formed 12 years ago offering expert family mediation, separated family support and conflict management coaching services.

Compass Resolution is the brain child of John Hind, a previously a successful collaborative family lawyer. When I first met John Hind in October 2022, I was immediately struck by his calm, relaxed and professional manner. It was immediately clear that we both shared the same passion to help couples in divorce find the most appropriate solution, at this difficult time in a non-confrontational manner.

Since meeting John, we had a series of conversations, helping one another to find practical and workable solutions to typical client scenarios. More recently, I had a most enjoyable conversation with John in which I explained how I help clients prepare for divorce looking at their present financial situation and a reality check of how this might look after divorce.

I was introduced to, and got to work closely with, other members of the Compass Resolution team. It was clear that everyone involved shared the same values and desire to help their clients navigate their way through this traumatic stage in their lives.

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